... the historic town in Zirbenland

So cosy, so warm, so typical! Judenburg, capital of the Murtal district, is a small town with history, tradition and prospects. Its historical roots go back to 8 BC. In the Middle Ages, trade in iron and aromatic alpine plants led to wealth and important artists left their traces - Mediterranean influences still dominate the city today. Visible from far off, the town's landmark, the 500-year-old Sternenturm houses Europe's most modern small planetarium. The surroundings of Judenburg invite everybody to experience the unspoilt countryside and crystal-clear mountain lakes on the many cycling and hiking tours.

In the holiday region of Murtal, the hiking route From the Glacier to the Wine is particularly diverse. Start at the foot of the imposing mountains of the Lower Tauern with their cirques and mountain lakes, leave the region via the gentle summits of the Koralm to finally immerse yourself into wine country. In between: plenty of culture in the historic city of Murau, the nature park Zirbitzkogel-Grebenzen with a true cultural gem, the Benedictine monastery St. Lambrecht, and one of the most exciting hiking trails in Austria, the Via Natura, and finally the Zirbitzkogel, after which the trail finishes in the idyllic and historically exciting town of Obdach. 

The topic of wood has a special significance in the holiday region of Murtal: in the 'lumber world Murau', around 80 wood world stations lead to special cultural and natural sites and show the economic cycles of lumber. International festivals, such as the music festival in Spielberg, or festivals in cities like Murau and Judenburg, show how musical summer is. Relax and head out on a peaceful path towards nature and culture. Pilgrimages and monasteries in the region invite you to experience culture and green ambience together: cultural enjoyment outdoors.












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